Nutrisysem My Way & Fast Five Plans Review

by admin on December 14, 2013

Nutrisystem-1Nowadays, many people are suffering from overweight and obesity. They want to lose weight, but not sure about the effective ways that can really help them in achieving their weight loss target. Most of them try each and every remedy and product they get to know about. However, the final result is mostly a big flop.

You should do a thorough research about any product before trying it yourself. Here in this review, we are going to discuss about one of the most proven dietary programs in the industry. You can go through the review and make it yourself whether or not the product sounds legitimate. Nutrisystem, one of the dietary programs, is very much capable of helping you lose weight effectively in a proven way, and many individuals have benefited from its dietary plans. The diet program can help you get a healthy and fit body, and will make you more confident.

Nutrisystem has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and has done so much of study and research for developing its powerful and effective weight loss program.

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What is Nutrisystem all about?

Nutrisystem is a diet meal supplying company. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, the diet provider is offering over 150 meal choices to its clients. Most of the dishes are everyday foods that most of us are aware of and comfortable with. Nutrisystem meals are proven to be great in helping you reduce weight effectively as well as quickly. Its meals are rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and all other essential nutrients, and are low in sodium content.Most people think that foods that are rich in nutrition do not taste good. However, it is not true for Nutrisystem. All the meals at Nutrisystem are not only nutritious and healthy, they are delicious too. The company offers pre-cooked and packaged meals to your doorstep that you will have to just reheat the pack and enjoy the meals.

Unlike most of the dietary providers who offer just 3 meals for the day, Nutrisystem offers portion-controlled meals along with snacks and desserts for the day. So, you no more have to sacrifice your evenings without snacking. You can enjoy desserts too with its diet plans just like your regular diet. The provider also offers shakes too in its plans.

Nutrisystem diet plans include Men’s Diet Plan, Women’s Diet Plan, Nutrisystem – D (Diabetic Diet Plan), Silver (Senior Citizen’s) Diet Plan, Vegetarian Diet Plan, and so on.


Two of its latest additions include Nutrisystem My Way and Nutrisystem Fast Five.

Nutrisystem My Way

Nutrisystem My WayDifferent people have different metabolic rates and hence it is not a good idea to follow standard diet plans. This is the reason why Nutrisystem has introduced its My Way program that offers the dieters with the choice of formulating their diet plans by inputting the data about their daily calorie consumption, daily activities, metabolic rate, and so on. With the help of the given data, Nutrisystem determines the number of calories necessary for the person for the entire day. It then comes up with the best suitable diet plan for the person.

All the required data is collected using a sample questionnaire on Nutrisystem’s official website. Most of the existing customers of Nutrisystem seem to have gotten great weight loss results and feel more confident with this plan.

Nutrisystem can be a great help to you, especially when you want to lose weight but do not have time to prepare diet meals. You get a 28-day meals plus snacks, shakes and desserts when you choose any plan at Nutrisystem. You can also add fresh vegetables or fruits, grocery items and low-fat dairy products to its meals as per its dietary guidelines. This way you can make your meals more delicious. You can also opt for its auto-delivery option where you will receive meals automatically for every 28 days.


Nutrisystem Fast Five

Nutrisystem Fast FiveFast Five by Nutrisystem was introduced with its My Way 28-days subscription plan. Nutrisystem Fast Five plan guarantees the user to achieve at least 5 lbs within the first walk, depending on his/her metabolic rate and commitment towards the plan. This plan contents are offered to the user for first seven days for boosting up your wish to lose weight.

It includes all the 3 essential meals of the day for 7 days along with protein shakes that are rich in anti-oxidants. This plan is very much effective in helping you lose weight. In case the diet plan fails to offer you good results, you can send back the remaining food packs to the company to get your money back with Nutrisystem’s 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

Nutrisystem Fast Five plan guarantees the dieters with more effective and faster weight loss results with its helpful weight loss resources and tools. You will be offered with a specific meal plan for the first week of your diet program. You will receive 7 different breakfast, lunch and dinner menu meals with Fast Five program which can help you lose at least 5 pounds in these 7 days.  The shakes you receive with this plan are developed mainly to improve your metabolic rate and contain vitamin D and lots of calcium. Its Craving Crusher includes vitamins and minerals that are capable of battling with your hunger pans.

When you choose this plan, you will be more confident about your weight-reduction progress. You can lose those extra pounds and fat without having to starve yourself.


Overall, both Nutrisystem My Way and Fast Five diet plans offer a great help to make you lose weight in an effective and quick manner. You do not have to worry about the meals that you will receive about their taste and effectiveness. They are very delicious and you can even make them more delicious by adding low dairy products or fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even customize the menu that you want to receive with the plan. To top it all, you will receive a 14-day money back guarantee with the program that you can send back the remaining packaged contents within this time period in case of dissatisfaction with the meals for any reason.


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